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We work with our partners to better understand how we can improve outcomes for patients. 

Our research drives new insights into how we can transform the delivery of care. 

  • 1 in 2 people are not following through with their home rehab.

  • ​Low exercise compliance increases risks of slower recovery, higher costs and poorer long term health.

Source: Patient involvement with home-based exercise programs: can connected health interventions influence adherence?” Argent et. al., JIMR Mhealth Uhealth, March 2018

  • Musculoskeletal disorders affect 1 in 4 of UK adult population.

  • Studies show how a greater emphasis on self-care can lead to savings of as much as 32% in episode-of-care costs.

Source: Is physiotherapy self-referral with telephone triage viable, cost-effective and beneficial to musculoskeletal outpatients in a primary care setting? Mallet et. al, Musculoskeletal Care, December 2014

Gait speed has been recommended as a potentially useful clinical indicator of well-being among the older adults.

Analysis… revealed about a 44% decreased risk of CVD cardiovascular disease events for patients with total knee arthroplasty.

At 6 months after surgery, 70% of subjects had a greater mean daily step count compared with their preoperative level.

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