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Meet On The Mend

We put the patient at the centre

On The Mend enables the delivery of tailored care, encouraging shared decision-making between patients and healthcare professionals at a system-wide level.

Our ability to capture key patient outcomes provides us with rich datasets capable of informing system design with the aim of generating measurable improvements to care pathways through the chain.

Our Story

“My own experience with knee surgery was daunting and lonely. I kept forgetting how to do my exercises, quickly lost motivation, and didn’t have anyone like me to share the experience. I started On The Mend to help people take control of their health condition.”

--Wesley Fogel, Co-founder & CEO, On The Mend

We Support Ukraine

On The Mend stands resolutely with the people of Ukraine, deeply proud of our collaboration with a remarkable team of software developers who have courageously navigated through tumultuous times in their homeland. Their unwavering dedication has been instrumental in our success, and we are committed to standing by them as they navigate through these challenging circumstances. As Ukraine continues its journey towards victory, supported by nations like the UK, we remain steadfast in our support, recognising the urgent need for humanitarian aid as outlined in the Ukraine Humanitarian Needs and Response Plan of December 2023. With over two years of conflict causing widespread devastation and personal hardship, the plight of Ukrainian civilians persists, with shortages of essential resources exacerbating their struggles. It's imperative that we rally behind them in their time of need.

Meet The Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Wesley Fogel

15-year finance career including a decade in investment banking strategy research. Experience with knee/shoulder injury and surgery inspired him to transform the patient experience.

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Arash Aframian

Practising orthopaedic surgeon for over two decades. Previous experience in IT having in worked on multi-million pound solutions for both government and commerce prior to a career in medicine.

Co-Founder & Lead Therapy Advisor

Nicholas May

Worked as a physiotherapist for over a decade, firstly at one of London’s prestigious NHS teaching hospitals. 

Currently a Clinical Specialist for Trauma and Orthopaedics at the UK’s largest private hospital.

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ralph Stenzel

Over two decades in managing technical teams and projects, from big corporates to the earliest stage start-ups. 

Deep expertise in data warehousing, system integration and outsourcing management.

Founder’s Associate

Fatima Qureshi

With prior involvement in early-stage start-ups at a Pakistan-based venture studio, Fatima now spearheads our offshore developer team, adeptly integrating customer feedback into our product pipeline.

Chief Scientific & Research Officer

Kapil Sugand

Triple-Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, PhD Chartered Scientist, Author and Fellow to numerous organisations revolving around Medicine, Engineering, Technology and the Arts.

Board Advisor

Chris Sawyer

Digital innovation lead at Innovate UK. 

High achieving team-oriented business manager with extensive international and domestic product marketing and project management experience.

Board Advisor

Raviv Haddi

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, specialising in aligning customer excellence with sales processes and post-sales activities, Raviv plays a pivotal role in supporting our go-to-market strategy.

Co-Founder & Graphic Design Lead

Kyoko Fogel

A former NHS clinical pharmacist, Kyoko co-founded On The Mend with Wesley before briefly leaving for maternity leave. Upon her return, armed with Adobe qualifications, she’s fuelled the company’s growth.

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