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Transform patient outcomes

Physical rehabilitation is daunting.

We want to help patients achieve more.

Our digital platform puts the patient at the centre, letting you stay in control of your care.
Wherever you are in your rehab journey, On The Mend helps you to stay active and engaged.

What You Can Do With On The Mend 



Let your physiotherapist record you on your smartphone or tablet doing each exercise while under their guidance to ensure you are using the right technique every time. 



See your exercise plan on any smart device and remember what to do each day, with motivational messages helping guide you every step of the way.



Our 'Patient Information' and 'Patients Ask' sections hels you get the most out of the time spent with your healthcare professionals, preparing you for your treatment and the issues that matter most.



Invite your healthcare professional to connect with you through the app. If they're registered with us, they'll immediately be able to see how you're getting on. If they aren't already registered, enter their email and we'll get them signed them up.



Receive regular prompts and daily motivational messages to help keep you engaged, share progress with your healthcare professional, and alerts to let you know when you’ve earned a reward.



We make physical rehab more rewarding, by letting you earn rewards for achieving key milestones. Whether it's the number of exercise plans you've completed in a week, or even just attempted, we help you stay motivated to keep going.



Make sure you stay on track by seeing your activity levels and how much you've done today and over the past week. You've got this!

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